There is no greater joy than a happy customer with a great outcome. 


There is no greater joy than a happy customer with a great outcome.

I was so happy to be in such capable hands with Wendy as my practitioner. I had been smoking marijuana for over 15 years, compulsively and it was harming my ability to be present for my life and creating problems financially. I am so pleased to say that today I am smoke free and don’t even think about marijuana. Wendy is a gifted, capable and sensitive practitioner. This was a very sensitive issue for me to open up about. I was emotional just showing up for the appointment, but quickly felt very comfortable opening up to Wendy. I would highly recommend anyone needing help to trust Wendy with their needs.

Best wishes in your journey Wendy! Please do keep in touch.

Vicky. America 43

This was my second ever session of RTT (my first with Wendy) and I couldn’t have asked for a more comfortable and enlightening experience.

Every step of the way was clearly explained and I knew I was in good hands from the beginning.

I was made to feel at ease, I felt in complete control at all times and despite a few therapeutic tears, I really enjoyed the experience.

I’m looking forward to reinforcing my session with the audio she provided and I feel confident in the new attitude and outlook I have gained from Wendy’s session, Thank You!

Bruce, UK 49

I approached Wendy in order to see how her therapy approach worked and if it would help me to resolve the issue with not been able to open up to people around me.

Wendy was a fantastic therapist and I was really impressed with how she managed to solve my issue after just one session.

Wendy really knows how to get to the root cause of the problem and she freed me from the issue of not been able to open up.

I now enjoy authentic relationships and this is thanks to Wendy and her therapy approach.

I highly recommend Wendy to anyone suffering from any issues.

Sally, UK 35

My dear Wendy I don’t know even how to express how grateful I am for your healing sessions and amazing recording. I came to you with a questions on weight loss and you discovered that I need to work on self love. that’s amazing to discover the true meaning in this moment. Your voice and the words used in the recording, make me so calm and happy and give me full strength to believe and love myself and make a step each day towards my goals. thank you so much. wish you all the best in your passion for healing people and making the lives beautiful and meaningful. It is very nice to listen to your voice, even if I just want to calm down.

Ellen, Dubai 46

I had an RTT session with Wendy on emotional eating, what came up was that I had a belief that I was wrong and I’m grateful for feeling traumatized. That was what was blocking my healing and the block has now been lifted, so I can heal with emotional eating. The session itself was a very pleasant experience. Wendy showed great interest in me and I just got a lovely, caring vibe from her. I loved that she stayed in touch and always let me know, that she was willing to offer more help if necessary. I also loved that she helped me understand certain things that are slowing my healing down, even the understanding that, consciously helped me a lot. I was too focused on the fact that I struggle with emotional eating, but I forgot about the huge win of not feeling guilty or ungrateful anymore. For the very first time in my life I feel like the adult I am, and that feels incredible, such a huge improvement in that department. The most important thing is that I don’t feel guilty or crazy anymore. I’m hundred percent convinced that I’m absolutely right feeling this way.

I am not over eating or binging anymore, I feel around and about food I’ve even lost a few grams of weight.

Hannah, Belgium 34

I am very happy with the recording and session with you Wendy, I am enjoying organising cleaning and decluttering my home, your work is helping a lot. I am confident and not afraid of decisions. The RTT session with Wendy was awesome, the brilliant messages transformed and healed me. Thank you dear Wendy for giving me the amazing energy of love.

I feel more, I am noticing a few changes every day I’m reacting a less, listening before, more awareness of things and I am really enjoying the recording.

Betty, UK 64

Thank you so much sweet you, for your time and the tools you have given me. You are an angel in this process, you are so kind and beautiful. I am much better, with more clarity, I’m checking in to let you know I enjoyed a lot the session with you, it made me feel safe and in good hands.

Evelyn, Spain 42

I’m still listening to the recording I’m definitely in a very deep process of rebalance reconnecting with myself and healing. Overall, I’m doing very well this time. I’m just needing to give myself more time, as my mind and body adapts to and processes the new reality that my thought process has changed. I keep thinking I’m a non-smoker. I breeze with ease words from my recording and suddenly my tongue and body started rejecting the cigarettes. I started to decrease in the number of cigarettes. Then, I experienced a complete rejection of cigarettes — physically and psychologically. I still experience cravings and feeling of discomfort, but now when I crave I drink water instead of thinking of ways to substitute cigarettes. When discomfort arises when I work from home, an easy few stretches of my body seems to work well for me at work. I sometimes sit out in the sun is a comforting pleasant way of dealing with my discomfor. Thank you again for checking in on me every day in every way. I’m getting better and better and better.

Saudi, Arabia 50

I had a session with Wendy about 2 months ago. It was to help me with my total obsession/fear of gaining weight. I’ve had it all my life and it’s been absolutely crippling. The fear, the panic, the overwhelming dread and shame… I am not massively overweight – about 10 lbs heavier than I’d like to be – and have battled food, my weight, my body and myself for 40 years. Literally (am 54).

Wendy was lovely… so easy to talk to; so understanding. She did an amazing initial consultation – really getting to the bottom of my problem and how it shows itself and affects my life.

Then we did the session and it was incredibly POWERFUL – more than anything I’ve experienced. I was shocked at some of the memories that came up in hypnosis; things I never even knew about (consciously)… yet the feelings were so strong.

What Wendy did that was particularly mind-blowing was find all the beliefs that each one of those memories contained and then help me to unpack them, dissolve them, and help me to find better ways of thinking about myself, life and the world. It was a profound session, and I am deeply grateful.

Nelly, UK 54

So, 2 months on, I would have to say that the intensity of my obsession has dramatically gone down – from a 10/10 to probably a 2/10, which – after 40 years – is incredible in just 2 hours. I am more relaxed about life; more philosophical, more accepting of myself… more peaceful, and what could possibly be of greater value than that?

I think RTT is an exceptional method of therapy as it gets right into the heart of the problem FAST !! Hence the name ‘Rapid’, I guess!

And on a personal level, Wendy is just a lovely woman, who really cares. She is ultra-conscientious and works extremely hard to help you. She is like a terrier… and I think her level of tenacity is vital in this kind of work, as so many of our behaviours are outside of our awareness and it takes someone like that to really root out the underlying issues.

I would HIGHLY recommend her and in fact, am thinking of booking more sessions for something else. It’s worth every penny!

Nelly, UK 54

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